Alright so I'm resurrecting a '95 eldorado, and found a sweet deal on some 6x9 Alpine SPS-619 speakers.
They're 3-way coaxial, 260 watt peak, 85 watt RMS
They include a tweeter pre-installed on ea. speaker.

Now for my question. There's a warning label that makes a point of tweeters, stating that if I already have a tweeter installed (much like the stock bose ones in the door), I should disconnect the stock tweeter, as it can cause a fault in the new ones if they are connected parallel.

Does anybody have some insight? I have a Kenwood amp in the back.

Maybe the prospect of disconnecting the old tweeters isn't such a bad idea. They LOOK like they're the originals.. so.. that would make them 18 yrs old now anyway.
If it wasn't so flippin' cold out, I'd be having a look to see if they're at all easy to disconnect.

Thanks guys