I have two Sundown SA-15 subs in my trunk, running ~1700 watts to them. I am using a Kenwood DVD receiver to control it all. I absolutely love the system. However its so loud I can barely hear the stock speakers at high volume, so I want to know the best route to go as far as replacing the speakers. Should I focus on the doors or the dash? I do not like the idea of running new speaker wire to the doors, seems like a hassle, but I will have to to replace the speakers correct? Whats the output of the stock bose amp going to my dash and door speakers?

2004 Cadillac SLS w/Bose, non Nav. Using GMOS-06 currently.

Also is the front and rear channels dropping off common with the gmos06? I lose all my music except my subs * which are not ran through the GMOS06 * everyonce and a while for a few seconds. Has to be the GMOS06.