Ok so when I got this car the stereo worked sort of. It is not the bose radio. What does work is only the radio. I could not change channels or anything. I can adjust volume only on the HU itself. If i pushed any button it would change from FM1 to FM2 to AM. That was it. No steering wheel controls either. So I took it apart and did some minor cleaning. I did notice the wiring strip from the display/control face was possibly not secured well. As I took it apart it released very easy. So I put it all back together and now there is no display but i now have control on the steering wheel. None of the buttons on the HU work now but volume.

I am assuming the original issue is the wiring strip? Its really weird and I have no idea what could have caused this issue to begin with. It shows no sign really of tampering with or damage. Any ideas?