Hello. I'm still learning the forums here, so hopefully this is the correct area for this:

Please forgive my newbie questions, but...can anyone help me figure out exactly which stereo system I have in the 06 CTS. The stereo-related RPO codes that I found are: U2K,U2R, and U66.

So, as far as I can tell, this means I'm working with: DIGITAL AUDIO SYSTEM S-BAND 121, XM RADIO (U2K), INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM 0 0 1 – ETR AM/FM STEREO CD (U2R), and SPEAKER SYSTEM 7, CUSTOM (U66).

What I really would like to know is...

Is there some general term/name for this particular setup?
Is this an internally or separately amplified system? Is it a Bose system?
Is there anything "special" that I may need to know in terms of adaptability/compatibility with aftermarket add-ons... For example, will I have any problems if I want to install a Parrot Bluetooth phone system or something similar?

Many thanks for the help (and patience)!