Purchased an 04 Cadillac Escalade EXT last week and drove the 20 hours back home, which the XM Radio worked fine 90% of the time. However, during the last two days while in Sioux Center, IA, I receive a "No XM Signal" on all stations.

I did already:

  1. Call into Tech Support
  2. Renewed Subscription
  3. Refreshed the Signal
  4. Checked the antenna connection on the receiver
  5. Disconnect battery for an hour
  6. Left the vehicle on for 2 hours in an open parking lot after a refresh

In the end, tech support said something is wrong with the receiver and I should take it to a dealer. Reading the forums on this topic, I have mixed feelings that the dealer would be able to do anything.

Looking for other things to try and check out. What are my options here and what's the best route to take? Take to a dealer, buy a new antenna, buy an unlocked VIN receiver, etc.?