Im buying my caddy tomorrow evening or wenesday morning, and due to the fact that my building charges 60 dollars a month per parking space to put your car in the garage Im going to have to leave it at my grandmothers parking lot. Which is in an open space where people of bad natures can watch my car all alone. SO I need the best steering wheel lock and break lock possible. Im not sure if it has an alarm but I hope it does. Secruity of vehicle is top priority! Even when you and others may think wow its just a 83 coupe big deal, in my area its more like HOLY SHIT ive never seen that car in my life before it looks like it has value (big car, big shiny grey grille). (Especially the youngsters that like stealing, and on top of that most people enjoy making an 83 coupe a low rider, sadly.) BAM stolen car.