So I bought the Haynes service and repair manual for my car (2001 Deville DTS). I have the Bose system. I am trying to remove the Bose and install an aftermarket amp, speakers, and head unit.

I bought the adapter to keep the chimes and stuff, but it says I need to leave the factory amp and connect a speaker to the left front output for the chimes. I am planning on just leaving the center speaker in the dash, but connecting it to that left front output of the amp.

I would prefer to do the wiring change at the amp. So I need to find the factory amp, identify which wires are the center speaker output and left front speaker output, cut them right there at the amp, and reconnect that center speaker to the left front output right there at the amp.

Of course I could even possibly use the existing left and right front, and left and right rear speaker wires for my new amp and speakers if I can locate them at the factory amp. I'll just cut them and reconnect them to my new amp without running new speaker wires.

Can anyone help me out here? None of this stuff is listed in my Haynes manual. I have all the seats removed, the door panels removed, and the factory head unit removed. I am not seeing this amp anywhere and probably won't know which wire is which if I ever find it.