Morning all,

I have a 2005 cadillac cts Uk version, with the 6-cd changer and am looking to replace the head unit with something more advanced, something that plays DVD's has integrated navigation, ipod connectivity etc...ideally im looking at some double din Apline units.

I have the following questions and would greatly appreciate any help.

1. If I install a double din unit, will it fit flush or do I need some kind of holding unit?
2. Can the new unit use the cadillacs dashboard volume knob and steering wheel controls to select track, volume, tune etc
3. Will it effect the onboard computer? I know the computer sits just above the cd changer and am wondering if this will have to be replaced or taken out also?

Im finding it very hard to find anyone in the UK that has any knowledge on this, and would like to do some background research before I start investing.

Thanks for your help.