Hello. Newbie here so please forgive the really dumb questions. I am a new owner of a 2004 Escalade EXT that has a A1000 Vizualogic headrest system installed which is not working. The DVD unit is in the passenger headrest only. When powered up it has a blue screen, but the source codes and settings do show up. If you gently punch the seat a few times it will come on and off. I took it to a couple of places and they would have to take it apart to see if its a loose setting or the monitor or player itself could be bad. One guy (and Tech Support) at Vizualog told me to try and hook up a game system or dvd player to the AUX and see if it worked that way. Problem is I can't find the A/V Control box!!!! If you were doing a install where would you put on a 2004 Escalade EXT. Any other suggestions on getting this thing working would be appreciated!!!!