Hey all,

Please forgive me for dropping in like this, but I have a few questions that you experienced peeps could possibly help out with.

I tried searching the forums quickly, but did not find any specifics on this topic, and I require a bit of help with totally replacing the BOSE system in his '86 Fleetwood D'Elegance. I am completely doing away with the BOSE altogether and going with something completely different. I am probably going to be the one that is going to tackle this swap and install and would like to know a couple of things before I rip his car apart from someone that has already done this and may be able to point me in the right direction so that I don't make mistakes that have already been made.

1) Since I am ripping this thing out, is there anything specific or noteworthy that I should watch out for when doing so? ie: Wiring tie-ins with any other car electrical systems that will cause anything to "mis/dis/un/non-function?

2) What are the sizes of the speakers in the car and locations? From what I see there are some on the dash that look 4x6", lower Front door that look about the same, maybe a 5" round? And loks like a 6x9 or 6x8 in the rear deck. Does this sound correct?

3) What size speaker have people shoe-horned into the stock locations? I am open to suggestions here on what people have done with the most success.

3b)By quick looks and ideas, I am thinking a 5 1/4 midbass in the lower front door location. Would this be too big? I am not afraid of a bit of trimming here and there, but I am looking to keep them behind the stock grilles. If not, I may just cut out the front of the stock grille and mount a new set of drivers with supplied mounting hardware and grilles. What kind of depths am I limited to? Anything else to look out for? What about a 6 1/2 if I cut out the stock grilles and mount to the front? Thoughts?

3c) Since I am on the topic of the front speakers, I am thinking of mounting the tweets in the stock dash locations, however I don't normally like separating them from the mids by such a distance. However my buddy is hardly an audiophile and I think that it would work fine, either that or I may surface or flush mount them by the mids in the lower front doors. What have worked best here? I don't think that this is that crucial and I may play around with the positioning - I think I will cross that bridge when I get there, I just thought I would ask.

4) Rears. 6x8? 6x9? I think that I may make a adapter plate and mount a set of 6 1/2 round something or other back there for rear fill. Or Maybe I will just cheap out and throw a set of decent factory size replacements in the holes and be done with it. What measurements / depths / obstructions am I working with there? It looked fairly unobstructed and looks like depths are fairly large, but there was the stock baffles covering the drivers, so I could not get a real good look. I will explore a bit later, but am open to ideas here too. Is there any trunk mechanisms in the area of to watch out for? He has the power latching trunk, if that helps at all.

5) Subs. Do the rear seats fold down at all? It didn't look like it to me, but then again I just had a brief look. What about the middle arm rest - is it pass-through, or is the trunk fairly sealed (airflow wise) to the passenger compartment? The interior is leather, if that makes a diff.

6) What is the usual stock alternator amp rating on these puppies? If I do decide to upgrade it, what alternator is suited for the caddy's mounting hardware/harness/pulley/etc? Is it just a stock Delco/GM unit? Are they mostly all the same across most model cars that GM makes of that era?

7) Any clues on the wiring harness/colors in the dash? I may get a wiring harness adapter for the power and ground, but I will probably run a new power/ground/acc wires right from batt for power and the fusebox for acc. Any other tips/tricks/help/warnings/cautions here?

8) Free for all - Anything I forgot?

Guys I really appreciate your time and help here, as this is NOT my car, just rooked into helping my girlfriends co-worker with his stereo installation and I do not know this car at all and could use any type of input on this ordeal too make my life easier and the install at least pointed in the proper direction. It will save me grief of helping me avoid running into some issues that have already been previously enjoyed. I am giving a hearty thanks to any and all suggestions, no matter how big or small they are. It all helps. I don't know how I will be able to give back to you guys for any help or input, as I have NO experience with this car at all, so I have very limited knowledge here. I will post updates, progress reports, possibly some pics, and share any experiences / suggestions / issues encountered as I go along.

Thanks again in advance for lending a helping hand to steer me in the right direction. If there are any questions or things that need elaborating or clarification onn my part - please bark them out and I will do my best to clarify.


PS - I will have a bunch of SPARE BOSE parts / drivers / deck / electronics that will be left over at the end that I will have no use for... And I don't think he will care or want them back... hint-hint -