heard all the horror stories of putting an amp in my DTS... and i didn't want to use the 2 channels for just subs... so someone else can have it. it was installed in my Tahoe for 3 years. took it out 2 years ago and it's been in the top of my closet. it has a few scratches from install but surprisingly great condition for being six years old. YES it has both plugs.

i wouldn't know what to ask for it... so if you want it let me know what you SHOULD pay for an amp in this condition i.e. ebay... then take a discount for being a member and shoot me an offer.

i'm assuming shipping will be less than 20 bucks... so i will charge 20 to ship... take that into consideration.

please no pm's... i will post on here who gets it... first come, first serve... has to be via paypal, and i can ship tomorrow if it sells tonight... or the day after if tomorrow, etc...