So i just had them install my 6 disc changer in the glovebox, and i already have a question. At first i was trying to think of how to change disc's . . . then after looking at my HU, i noticed this 1-6 button. pressed it, and presto, thats how to change to the next disc. Then i got to thinkin how am i supposed to jump to a specific Cd number, to lessen the work for the changer having to change five discs to go one back oddly enough i tried pressing one of the number's ( 1,2,3,4,5,6) while pressing the 1-6 button, seemed to work . However it only works to change up to 2 discs at a time ( for example, while i am at disc 6, and want to go to four, I hit the four and the (1-6) button, and it only goes to cd 2. How the heck can i change it to the disc i want without making the changer work so much ??? SOMEONE help, there HAS to be a way to lessen the workload on the changer and go to a direct cd