I am new to this forum and greatly appreciate any advise that you send.
I bought a 1997 deville with 88,600 mi. from a private party. I bought this car for my 20 yr. old son. He previously had a 1995 that he drove for 1 1/2 years until it was broadsided. He loves Cadillac, ,but wanted to put in a different CD player/ radio. He installed the new unit (previously in the 1995) and it did not work. He reinstalled the original 1997. The problem is that now the radio does not work nor does ANY of the power windows. I have checked the 50 amp Bode 3 maxi fuse and ordered the 30 amp window circuit breaker, but it has not arrived. I don't think it is the circuit breaker and I don't think the master window control could go out so quickly (all window controls worked fine 50 mi. ago)
Also is there a way to display the codes (on the 95 you could press a series of buttons to display SIM codes,etc.-I don't remember the series)
Thanks again for any advise,