Hi everyone!

I've got a problem. (-02 STS with the DVD-based Denso navigator)
To use a map from 2007 or newer I have to upgrade my navigator.
How is this done? Nobody seems to know here in Sweden. I've tried to call Navteq who is the supplier of the maps for Europe but they refer me back to Cadillac Sweden who don't know.
I've tried with the CAC-team ( Cadillac and Corvette service tema in Europe) but they refered me back to the dealer who says that it is impossible to do (which I don't believe since I've read a lot of posts from you guys about an upgrade CD that works for the navis in the USA and Canada for instance).
I even had a copy of (your) disc sent to me but after reading the fine print saying that the disc only will work for the four mentioned navis I've got cold feet.
Is it possible to do this upgrade via a Scan-tool?