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Thread: Need to upgrade 93 Eldorado Stereo -Which One?

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    Re: Need to upgrade 93 Eldorado Stereo -Which One?

    Quote Originally Posted by charlesj
    They suggested Kenwood and Sanyo....
    I don't think I have to add anything... sanyo? brrr..

    I had a Pioneer double din HU in my dash ( 4 years ago). No major "structural modification" needed. But hey, maybe there is a drastic structural difference between the 92, 93 and 94 models, or maybe nowadays DD HU are bigger than they used to be... In the other hand, yes, there is a couple of details to be done, and they have to protect their arses form sue-happy customers with a waiver... but the final product and the looks of the double din have no match...

    Modifying a caddy's system is usually a frustrating experience. It involves more time doing research than actually installing your stuff. There is no such thing as a reference book to do it. Few aftermarket parts, erroneous information, different AC delco BOSE factory systems... you name it.

    The sad thing is that other than a few and generally expensive ones, most of the "professional installers" are too used to have all kinds of pre-made A-goes-in-B-nothing-else-needed (not even brains) stuff. Ask them to do something for which they don't have a kit, and they have no clue how to.

    When I was doing my last system (last year), I needed a solder gun to fix a cable (a cable built capable of being repaired, not the usual $30 disposable kind). I went to more than 6 different shops and none of them would like to do the 2 minutes job. I had to pay one of them to let me use his stuff and do it myself.

    I searched for weeks for an installation kit that fitted my 94 deville. I bought a couple on the internet, none of them fitted. I went to several shops, the some would say they didn't have a specific one, others would sell you a kit but wouldn't install it. I ended buying a kit for mustang, did a couple of minimal adjustmenst, and voila! perfect. Just 2 minutes of gray matter usage. It even has a small pouch where I'm planning to accomodate a signal processor. Lousy "professional installers". They make me sick.

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    Re: Need to upgrade 93 Eldorado Stereo -Which One?

    Yup, you're going to have lots of fun installing that radio into a '93.. I know I didn't think it was going to be that hard replacing my double din with an aftermarket radio.. Come to find that after buying my JVC double din off EBay and getting ready to cut/splice it into the existing wiring, it isn't possible with you guessed it, our year '93.... What we have is a head unit where all the guts are really in the trunk attached to the back of the passenger seat.. Soo I had to run all new wires and while I was at it I put in new 6X9's and new speakers in the doors.... It fit right in; however the mounting bracket I made is a strip of metal that comes off the center back post, down, and to the front of the radio.. At the front it T's (Used JB weld) out to 2 bolts that point down that I JB welded to the strip also... Works great except I never found some black foam to cover the edges and hide the fact that it's a little smaller than OEM.. I now want to switch it out and get a flip up LCD/DVD player or this double din...

    Well that's my 2 cents... If you want to see a pic of the radio installed go here..

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