Yes and no.

The specs are all good except for the back spacing. By my eye I thought a 5mm spacer would move the wheel out far enough to give the spokes the clearance they need with the big caliper. However, the spokes will slightly rub the caliper with a 5mm spacer. Then I tried the equivalent of a 8mm spacer and it gives enough clearance between the spokes and calipers. Unfortunately, the stock lugs bolts are not long enough for the nuts to be secured properly. Ideally you need at least 6 turns and it was just under 5.

The good news is, I'm pretty sure the 17' CTS wheels will bolt right up to non-Brembo cars (i.e. 2.5) with no work.

Why would anyone care anyways? Because 5x115 factory Caddy wheels can be picked up for under $200 bucks on Craigslist in pretty good shape. For someone that doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a winter setup, they appear to be a very good option.

These are the wheels in question:

PS these wheels will be going up in the classifieds soon if anybody wants them. Just PM me. I'm just outside of Philly. Oh, and they are plastidipped a matte gunmetal color