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Thread: Trunk Opening on own

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    Re: Trunk Opening on own

    Quote Originally Posted by crash30920 View Post
    The first couple of times I guessed it was me hitting the fob accidentally but I keep my keys hanging by the door in my home so I would actually have to hit the fob and at work the key is on my desk by it self right under my monitor so I won't forget them so I know I did not hit the fob. Second as to range I tried unlocking my trunk from my desk today with no luck just kept hitting it as I walked from my desk out of the building to the car. I had to be outside the building and within line of sight about 250-300 feet away for it to open this was about 300 feet closer than where my office is.
    Hello crash30920,

    This is interesting to hear. If you notice this issue to worsen or your trunk not open at all, please reach out to us via private message so we can further discuss your situation.


    Laura M.
    Cadillac Customer Service

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    Re: Trunk Opening on own

    OMG ! No way, I have had this issue 5 or 6 times. It has not happened lately.
    I was sure I hit the button accidentally, but I did not remember how I could have hit it.
    I am definitely going to follow this thread.
    Thank you ... I may not be crazy!

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    Re: Trunk Opening on own

    I found my trunk open once when it was parked in my garage. I assumed that I accidentally hit the key fob, which was in my pocket. I've only had the car for 3 weeks, so I will update y'all if it happens again.

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    Re: Trunk Opening on own

    U r not alone. My 2012 SRX trunk opens even when the fob is on my desk. It happens to much. Going back to dealer again on Monday. People say put fob in silicon rubber protector , it doesn't help.

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