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Thread: Car bogs, hesitates

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    Re: Car bogs, hesitates

    no resolution yet they told me next time you bring it for oil change mention it again. I do have to be honest as my car is braking in i notice it less and less or maybe i am just getting used to it.

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    Re: Car bogs, hesitates

    Just the other day, while in SM and taking a turn at an intersection, I think I noticed a momentary loss of power as I was accelerating out of the turn. Frankly, I'm not really sure what the sequence was, but I recall that I may have slowed a little before reaching the turn's apex and then stepped on the gas to get through the apex??? I'll see if i can duplicate before reaching any conclusions.

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    Re: Car bogs, hesitates

    I TRIED TO REPLICATE YOUR PROBLEM IN MY 2.0 auto. 40 mph in 5th or 6th is about 1300 to 1599 rpm. More than very slight pressure gives me a downshift , 5th to 4th or
    6th to 5th and acceleration without any lag or pause. Does than in stock or tuned mode. You can get into a mode at certain rpms where it can't decide whether to stay in the gear it is in or downshift. That may be what u are seeing. When I saw that I just gave it a little more throttle and it then knew to downshift . Thus u may see a little hesitation if you are very light on throttle at certain low rpms. I had to really try to see that

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