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Thread: Ecotec LTG

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    Re: Ecotec LTG

    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyH View Post
    I understand that. My point is that the powertrain combo is already in place. It's not like they have to develop it. If there was no Camaro, I would completely understand no manual at all in the CTS. But the Camaro exists, the LFX/manual combo exists. Why can't it be on the option sheet for people to order? It's not like dealers have to order them. But it would be nice for GM to make it available to those willing to special order.
    My guess would be the same reason it's not avaliable (anymore) on the CTS. My guess for that would be consumer demand for a v6 manual. Or the reason why when they (finnaly) offered the touring package in the CTS it was only avaliable with an automatic.. Remeber that the typical take-rate for a manual in a passenger car is very low (between 3-6%)

    *the* car you'd think people would want a manual most in, a car that car-rags rave is only 'alive' when it's with a stick. Still can't even sell > 1/5 of it's product with a 6MT. People want Automatics, DSG's and DCT's. To be honest, if the V were my DD, I might want one again too. the 6AT V was perfect for stop & go and the uglies of life. It just happened that I bought my V for the weekends, and in that respect it was boring and fustrating. Most people (i'd assume) don't buy a 335i/ S4 or are looking @ a 3.6 ATS as a weekend car.

    I would like to see the transmission take-rate on the 3.6 or 3.0 CTS. I would bet $$$ it's one of the most uncommonly spec'd options.

    As I also previously mentioned, I'm not sure that the LFX and tremec 6MT is a bolt-in option for the ATS. I doubt it was bolt-in or swapable for the camaro and CTS acutally . There's an inherant cost in offering products as an option in a vehicle lineup. It's not free just because they have the trans in another car already .

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    Re: Ecotec LTG

    Part of the low take rate for manuals probably has to do with lack of availability at dealers. In 2007, I started to look for a manual CTS to test drive, and finally found one after two months to test, albeit briefly. When that car sold, it was another three months before I found another one (three, actually, and at another dealer), and I bought one. That was five months of searching in the metro Atlanta area , with four dealers. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry! One dealer, the closest to my office, stated they would never get a stick in unless it was special ordered. When I tried to find a V with a stick, a car with a much higher take rate with a stick than the basic car, it took another 2 1/2 months to find one to test drive, and I bought that one too.

    I won't buy an automatic car. I won't compromise on the transmission. If it's not offered, I'm not interested. I have friends that have tried to find available manuals, and upon failing, have purchased automatics. They weren't happy, but had little choice. I certainly wouldn't order a car so equipped without test driving one first, which can place people in quite a quandry. I understand that the dealers are reluctant to spec a car that won't move, so they play safe and offer no choice instead. Same thing with colors, but I digress.

    This phenomenon isn't only happening at Cadillac. Try finding a manual at BMW these days, or even Porsche. At my last visit to a Porsche dealer, they had a whopping two 911s and two base Boxsters with a stick, out of their entire inventory. It's a conspiracy! At this rate, the manufacturers will say no one wants them, and stop offering them altogether. Hopefully, Cadillac will continue to offer them. Maybe, Cadillac could even become a haven for those who like to row their own. One never knows.

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    Re: Ecotec LTG

    When I was looking for a used CTS4 a while back, I looked for manuals. I found ONE in the entire country for sale.

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