I all. I just bought a '13 ATS on Dec 10. Radiant silver and stock forged rims. I'm thinking color matching the rims Radiant Silver to match body and rear spoiler.

I've seen black rims. But not other body colors with matched rims.

If someone here has matched Radiant Silver with rims, can you please share pics?

What was your experience with a paint shop? How long was the job? Considering it'll be on blocks until paint cures on rims.

Has anyone done this with the other factory colors? Would you mind sharing pics?

I think the factory designs are nice across the board...I want to try something different outside of third party. This would not alter factory dynamics. I love the factory ride...I just want to drive the hell out of it all the time!

I'd like to have a solid idea of if what it would look like and would it be worth the downtime and expense to do so?

Personally, what do you guys think?