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Thread: is this the solution for bad smell in AC

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    is this the solution for bad smell in AC

    i was answering a thread about someone issue on the ATS. as a joke i posted this picture.


    and i found the whole story here. if you look the message from OP he explains it

    [–]GabeWasHere[S] 22 points 12 jours de ša
    it actually wasn't for the heater core, the hvac housing was holding water from the evaporator drain tube being shoved up during assembly, but it would be the same for a heater core replacement.

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    Re: is this the solution for bad smell in AC

    According to flycaster there is a newer solution where they go in through the bottom of the car and do not have to touch the interior.

    There is a third solution, which I use. A few minutes before my destination, I turn off the AC compressor, but leave the fans blowing. This does a good job blowing out out hoses and vents. Then there is no condensate to cause a stink the next time you start.

    Check around this site. There are already several threads on this topic.

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    Re: is this the solution for bad smell in AC

    I always just leave my A/C in Auto and have never smelled anything on startup. I have in previous cars done what JavaGirl suggests and turn off A/C compressor a few blocks before I get home, but I don't on my ATS. I have noticed that majority of complaints with A/C mold smell live in the South where the humidity is higher.

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    Experienced mild smell on startup in summer here in Southern Ontario, but haven't noticed it since it got cold.


    Dealer did an HVAC update last time I was in for service. I wasn't clear what it was for. Was it to address this issue?

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    Re: is this the solution for bad smell in AC

    I live in Hawaii and I have the same issue. I have been using the technique that Javagirl mentioned and it works. I will keep doing this until a standard, safe, procedure comes out to fix the problem without tearing up the entire dash!

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    Re: is this the solution for bad smell in AC

    I told my SA to let me know when they are proficient at performing this mod. I figure I'll get it looked at next summer. Never had the musty smell too bad just a little on start up in the summer. My driveway is on an incline and the pan really drains heavy when I pull in the driveway but not when I park on flat surface.


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