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Thread: Breakin V6

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    Breakin V6

    I don't have my manual, since my car is in garage (see other thread)
    But when i took my car they told me no need to breakin the engine , everything is done at factory, enjoy. Just avoid steady speed for long time for the first 1000 miles. Is it true, or there is some other recommandations in the owner manual ?

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    Re: Breakin V6

    they generally tell u to vary the rpm (dont put it in cruise control for the first 1000 miles and just drive cross country)

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    Re: Breakin V6

    And stay under 4k RPM and its for 1500 not 1k.

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    Re: Breakin V6

    There is a lot of debate about how much a motor really needs in terms of break-in. NFW I was going to wait 1500 miles to open the car up.
    How many people take a new sports car with 2 miles on it for a test drive and don't jump on it once?

    OP: you can get a PDF of the owner's manual, CUE manual, and a quick start ("personalization" guide) guide here:
    See Page 9-16 which talks about the 4K rpm restriction for 1500 miles.
    It also states no hard breaking during the first couple hundred miles. You'll just have to hit that idiot that cuts you off in traffic to preserve your warranty.

    FWIW, the personalization guide is a great summary for a new owner. I wish I had found it before I picked up the car.

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    Re: Breakin V6

    I wouldn't break it in, I didn't break in my 2.0. Besides, at the factory they put the cars on dyno's and floor them to redline and pin it there for a bit to make sure everything working


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