In this description of the TF1065/1060 DRLs, they state that the unit has a "3-wire, auto-off at night." I assume that this means that the DRL LEDs can be made to turn off at night??? Actually, I wouldn't mind their going off at night as my headlights are halogen and I wouldn't particularly like the difference in contrast. Furthermore, I plan to turn my regular headlight DRLs off while the LED DRL is on during the day to also avoid the contrast. Would anyone know if I do eventually get a HID kit for the headlights, whether the LED DRLs could be redone to allow for them to be on during the night along with the headlights? Lastly, as I'm not looking for blinding light, but just enough to be seen, would these 130 lumen LED DRLs be bright enough during the day? I believe the the maximum code lumen is around 400 or less.