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I am in this boat as well. The Q50 seemed a little pricier when equipped the way I wanted (S with AWD)
I purposely waited until the successor to the Infiniti G37 was introduced before making a purchase later this year. I like the looks of the new Q50, however I think it is geared more toward technology than actual sports sedan performance. They introduced their new "drive by wire" technology which basically gives the car's computer brain the ability to help steer the car. As a result, many of the sports sedan enthusiasts are not happy with the driving experience. From what I've read, it seems as though the car wants to fight the driver at times.

I still plan to take the Q50 RWD Sport trim version on a test drive, but it's not entering the market with the accolades the ATS received. I think the target markets are completely different. The Q50 looks great and I'm sure the build quality is there, however I want to drive the car and not let the car drive me.