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Thread: Locking the rear seatbacks?

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    Really people??? You really need to get to know your car better.

    I have a performance trim so the seats don't fold, just a pass through... Clubs nor sticks won't fit through the hole from the inside so no worries there.

    Take out your key....the silver part of your fob.
    Lock the glove box
    Put the key in center stack and close it or keep it
    Push the home button
    Valet mode
    Enter code twice
    Car is now in valet.

    You CAN NOT open the trunk via the remote, door button, or the trunk itself while in valet. Same applies to center stack and glove box if you keep the key or store it in the center stack.

    For those of you with folding seats, you need to check on how the seats fold down, as I don't have that option so I don't know.

    Also did you know there is a manual unlock behind the cover on the outside door handles? You use the key part of the fob and pop the cover off and voila...insert key and turn...

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    Re: Locking the rear seatbacks?

    Can a valet clear valet mode via On-star? I could care less but it really upset a Cadilllac salesman when I asked. I ask things like that as payback for their innane sales pitches. I didn't know if he was upset because he didn't know the answer or because he did know the answer. It wouldn't surprise me if On-star can take a car out of valet mode, otherwise some small percent of customers would undoubtedly have to take the car in to the dealer if they forgot their own code or would sue GM for wrongful death because their meds were inaccessable in the center stack.

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    Re: Locking the rear seatbacks?

    OK, this was just a simple question, not meant to start a firestorm. I can live with it either way. However,...

    the method to lock the rear seats employed in either my Audi S4 or BMW 335 (clearly not REAL driver's cars I guess) added neither weight nor complexity. In fact, the BMW method, where the seatbacks are unlatched from the trunk side of the seat versus the cabin side, makes much more sense all around and is quite simple in both design and operation.

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