The Cadillac ATS 2.0 Turbo comes from the factory as a high performance sedan. But who couldn't use a little more? Or better yet: a lot more?

The Pfadt P/350 Package delivers on that. This package will boost your Engine HP @ the crank to approximately 350 and more importantly boost your driving experience to an undetermined height. Included in this package:

  • Pfadt Cold Air Intake ( Guys pay attention to the other "Cold Air Intakes" out there! The restriction is all in the bellows and the resonator, not in the MAF sensor mount or airbox. In fact, the stock airbox pulls air in cold ram air..not hot air from under the hood like some of the other designs being sold)
  • Pfadt Downpipe (with or w/o cat)
  • Pfadt Pflash custom tune with logging (with or w/o tuning cable)

This package, with our factory quality performance tune (fantastic power AND drive-ability), has undergone the necessary endurance testing and analysis to be released as an OEM quality upgrade trim. Expect complete reliability, astonishing acceleration, and about 350 HP. I have some dyno plots I need to upload as well…give me a few days and they will be up (or just check in on the website). Here are some pics:

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