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Hi Everyone ..

I am new to the forum and am going to begin looking at Cadillac ATS's next month ... If you don't mind answering some questions for me I would really appreciate it:

1) My main concern is luxury as I spend a lot of time in my car around Houston ... I want the cabin to be quiet/no wind noise, good sound system and the smoothest ride possible .... Of course I want performance but those other things are more important to me ... Is the ATS
something that can satisfy me in regards to what I am looking for ...

2) If the above answer is yes, which ATS should I be looking for ...

3) I am fine with the lower engine even though I don't necessarily like the one tail pipe in the back I wish they all would have two tailpipes; however, I only want the smaller engine because of gas mileage ... is there is a big difference in gas mileage between the engines ..

Thanks guys!
I got myself a 3.6 awd luxury. It is very quiet and smooth, but certainly rides stiff and maybe a bit rough for some because it is a sport sedan! My great uncle is a caddy dealer and has been driving them his whole life and he said "it rides like I was being pulled through a field by a tractor"..... Ha ha to each is own. I'm coming from a Malibu, a rav4 ans a 97 z28 and it's light years in comfort, ride, handling AND performance above them, even my camaro. You may want to check out the magnetic ride if you're very into ride.

As far as mileage.....oh man. I do like half highway, half city with a somewhat heavy foot and I'm getting around 18-19 for the first 1000 miles.