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Cadillac ATS General Discussion Forum Discussion, My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car? in Cadillac ATS Discussion Forums; Originally Posted by cdp For what it's worth, I had the rear end step out a bit on me recently. ...
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    Re: My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car?

    Quote Originally Posted by cdp View Post
    For what it's worth, I had the rear end step out a bit on me recently. Had the family in the car and got a "whoa!" from everyone in the car. It was raining pretty hard and tires were cold and I got on the gas a little from a stop as I was turning right to get on a busy feeder road. Nothing huge, but haven't experienced anything so dramatic with my other rear wheel drive cars (including a Z4). However, this is the first automatic I've owned in nearly 30 years, so I think I just accelerated too abruptly (with manual transmission unless I dump the clutch I don't get the same abrupt power delivery). I just chalked it up to heavy rain, cold tires and heavy right foot. However, I think that stability control does give you a little more leeway on this car than most others. I think that's actually a good thing. Was easy enough to catch it (think the stability control did most of the work) and don't think we were ever in danger. Was actually kind of fun. However, I don't think the summer performance tires are the greatest in heavy rain. Just have to keep that in mind.
    Hello cdp,

    Great hearing your input on the stability control! Good to know you never felt in danger while driving under these conditions. Enjoy driving your ATS around


    Laura M.
    Cadillac Customer Service

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    Re: My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car?

    Quote Originally Posted by MD-11 View Post
    I give up.
    Sorry the caddie made me do it.

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    Re: My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car?

    This thread is hilarious! OP declares his car is dangerous to drive! Great majority does not even hint of a similar problem. So dangerous that he would rather read internet responses than take car to the dealer. Been told over and over it's not normal.....BUT...... Debate Ad nauseam about potential solutions for a problem nobody seems to have.........priceless!

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    Re: My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car?

    Quote Originally Posted by rustybear3 View Post
    This thread is hilarious! ...
    Not hilarious, but it has become real boring. I'm outa here....

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    Yea the bimmer people seem to be more of your crowd anyway. Besides, you reference your prior and present one so much, that it is getting quite old. Hope your WIFE enjoys her ATS....but wait you love and care for her so much that you still allow her to drive this "dangerous" vehicle instead of towing it immediately to the dealer. Makes no sense. Don't make outlandish titles and statements, and not expect some of us to flame you when you get the answer you need and refuse to accept it.
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    Re: My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car?

    1. Tons of CTS-Vs at Co-part auctions--many of them with almost no miles. That situation is a function of high horsepower plus water on the street. Independent research has shown that some of those wrecks also involved a loose nut. Location was right behind the steering wheel.

    2. Go to Select your brand of tires and click on survey. That website has a graphical matrix of most tires and their characteristics, including hydroplaning, noise level, expected mileage, performance in light snow, in med snow, in heavy snow. Also shows the percentage of people who would buy that particular brand again. Website shows about 12 to 14 tire characteristics. I use that info prior to purchasing tires. You might have a good point if supplier provided a new model of tires for your caddy. Did GM accept Confucius' recommendation (trust, but verify).

    BTW, if you are unhappy with the performance of your tires in wet weather, call the tire manufacturer. They will be happy to give you a credit for your brand and flavor of tires, and they might even allow you to purchase a diff brand. GM has nothing to do with this. This is a situation between you, your impression of tires, and the tire manufacturer. I have done this at least twice in past 8 years. This works particularly well if you do not beat up the tire manufacturer--not that anyone would ever consider acting like a child. Keep us posted on your situation with tires and manufacturer.


    Quote Originally Posted by bravnik View Post
    It's probably the runflats that's the issue. They are known to handle like crap and ride rough. I can't wait to get rid of mine.
    1. Run flats and summer tires lose their "stickyness" under 45 degrees F. Do a little research on the internet.

    2. Run flats will ride rough because they are so stiff. Next time you pull a tire off of your wheel, stand your tire vertically (without wheel) against a wall. Carefully stand on the top surface of the tire. Note that it will not collapse like a regular tire. Even if the 'stander' is about 300 lbs.

    3. Run flats are specifically designed to handle/match the performance and handling characteristics of sports cars. Corvettes and other high performance cars have been using runflats for years. Run flats are REQUIRED on certain high end cars. Next time you drive your Lamborghini, take a look at the sidewall of your tires. You will see a run flat designation. Lastly, you cannot safely mix run flats and regular radials. Worse than mixing bias ply tires and radial tires.


    Quote Originally Posted by jamboarder View Post
    No run-flats aren't the issue. This is getting preposterous.

    That's the problem here isn't it: Vague assertions about the car doing something you wouldn't expect in any production vehicle from the last 40 years. The idea that the ATS's rear end is sliding out when cornering at normal speeds in wet conditions is, I'm sorry, ridiculous. There are no normal conditions under which that occurs. None. No one is experiencing this. No one.

    Hey hey, my car is dangerous to drive: the right rear wheel falls off when I drive over a speed bump at normal speeds. Anyone else experiencing that?

    What's worth discussing here? It ain't normal. There is no ATS "wet road-rear end slippage problem" for Cadillac to take note of and I'll happily eat my words if there is.
    I agree.

    Light rain
    road dust and/or oil
    high horsepower
    the possibility of a loose nut (just behind the steering wheel)


    Quote Originally Posted by flycaster View Post
    Although I don't believe that I presented a "general and vague situation," you are right, I shouldn't have any issues. Slipping occurs on turns when raining, and when the road just is wet. I don't take intersection turns at higher than posted speeds (of course highway on ramp speeds are a different matter). Tire pressure should be fine even though I've adjusted the psi to 37psi rears and 35psi fronts. Nonetheless, in the interest of fairness, the next time the roads are wet I will run two tests: 1) Take the turn at a constant speed, without slightly (lightly) accelerating out of it, 2) Drop the psi's to 35/32 rear/front and then try the turns on a wet road at constant speed and then with slight acceleration.

    I have felt this type of slipping with my beloved 325 (traction control on), but not on my Z4??? Could be the tires (probably not as others haven't report this issue and my Z4 had different tires than the 325). It could be the way I take the turns and we'll soon find out...when the next rain comes, which should be in the next few days.


    First, let me suggest that if your tire falls off, maybe a little crazy glue would help the next time you go over a speed bump.

    Anyway, guys, I have no idea why you think I'm being vague with my description of this issue? I'm not a speeder. I don't barrel through turns. I know how it feels when a car slips and when it holds the road. The car hugs the road when the road is dry, but rear end slips when wet (been duly noted many times). As stated before, if I don't get to the dealer first before the next rain, I will try going through the intersection turns without lightly accelerating coming out of the turn (viz., take the turn at constant speed).

    Move to San Antonio. It has not rained in about 20 years. Current forecasts indicate a slight possibility in 2033 or so. Then again, you know how accurate those forecasts are.

    BTW, how well do your vehicles perform in snow? Snow is just rain at 33 to 40 degrees. (not sure what part of country you live in.)


    Quote Originally Posted by jph View Post
    either there is something horribly broken in the suspension or differential on your ATS.
    or, you are driving beyong the cars's or drivers capabilities for the given road conditions.

    option one, take it to your dealership ASAP.
    option two, adjust your driving style.

    Very pithy answer!! Right on, man.


    Quote Originally Posted by zr1mom View Post
    When a mechanic shakes his or her head at your tires and says they have been vulcanized, this is not a bogus use of a tire term. What your mechanic sees is the effects of heat on your tires, which can prematurely age them and render them useless over time. Vulcanized tires are hard and inflexible, which is the very thing you don't want when it comes to wet pavement. A vulcanized tire can lose its grip on the pavement, potentially sending you out of control until you can get some traction back. Vulcanized tires need to be replaced. If your mechanic uses the dread word in reference to your tires, it's time to start checking tire prices--it's not safe to wait.
    Vulcanization refers to the process of creating a "blended/smooth" surface after needing to patch a rubber product. The process was developed around 1844 or so, methinks. In the mid 20th century, many tire shops advertised vulcanized patches. That was basically a 'hot patch' where the shop applied some flammable glue. After a few seconds drying, the glue was set on fire. Then the patch was attached (inside of tire).

    On other products, instead of applying a visible external patch, the item was patched in such a way that the average person could not detect the patch from the original material. Macadam can be vulcanized by using hot tar to smooth out any holes or ripples in the roadway. Now, aren't you sorry that you asked about vulcanization. I am.


    Quote Originally Posted by zr1mom View Post
    Vulcanization & Compounds:

    Low profile tires with high, speed ratings tend to vulcanize rather rapidly. This occurs at about twice the rate of a 'regular' tire. There are several reasons for this; the first is the compounds that must be used in most of these tires, they have a finite number of heat cycles and harden with each heating and cooling. Also, they will vulcanize with age. That is, you don't have to drive the car much for the tire to vulcanize; just let the tire get old and it will get hard. Tire vulcanization and its' dangers have been addressed elsewhere in this web site.

    The bottom line in performance tires is this; most people buy tires with a far higher tread life than necessary and the tires vulcanize well before they are worn out. This creates a dangerous situation as the vulcanized tire compromises traction while cornering, braking and accelerating. you would do well to consider the UTQG tread wear factor when you buy your next set of performance tires.
    Heck, and I thought I was smart. Actually, as a child I was so bright that my parents call me sunny.

    I always equated vulcanization with crystalization (at least in my mind--not on my mind). Crystalization of the rubber. Well, I learned something. I will shut up. (soon??)


    OP--we don't mean to pick on you, although it was a little bit fun.

    Your situation seems uncommon. Don't take our comments personally. Besides, you seem like an easy target. lol

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    Re: My car is dangerous to drive: Tires or car?

    Do you have the standard 17s or the optional 18s? I ask this because I drove one with 17s and always felt like I had complete control. While driving one with the 18s, I feel it give a little more (not in a good way) around turns (doesnt hold the turns as well, IMO), etc.

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