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Thread: 6,000rpm freeway merge?

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    6,000rpm freeway merge?

    Just commenting on my experience this morning - 3.6L Sport mode - I was kind of in a rush, going onto a freeway merge, followed by a freeway split-exit.

    Being a bit more aggressive than usual, I get up to 80Mph, with my foot on the gas paddle, not lifting, just holding speed, for a little bit over half a mile.

    To my surprise the rpm was holding at 6,000rpm, steady, until I exited and lifted. I flicked in and out of manual, and could read out M3.

    I have seen the rpm holding at around 4,000 to 5,000 rpm before (at lower speeds), but never at 6,000rpm. And holding steady.

    I figure this is part of the PAL algorithm? Perhaps it prefers M3.

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    Re: 6,000rpm freeway merge?

    I haven't experienced this with my ATS but I had it happen a few times on my Audi. While in sport mode my Audi would almost redline until I let off the gas then it would upshift. I don't know what would cause this. I know I don't want to be cruising along at 6,000 rpm for too long.


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