I thought I would share my recent dealings with GM Customer Care in Canada. I ordered an ATS 2.0 T Performance AWD the end of November last year and at that time the Advanced Security Package was shown as standard equipment on all the web site material. A few weeks later I noticed it was now shown as an option on the Specification page, but still standard on the Brochure. I contacted GM CS, to be told it "was not a mistake - it was an option". When I pointed out it was shown both ways, GM CS told me to talk to my Dealer. It was news to my Dealer that they were responsible for the GM Web Site. When I pointed this out to GM CS, they quoted "GM reserved the right to make changes". When I pointed out that it was shown both ways (again!), they finally offered to refund the cost of the package. Now they get back to me to say GM has no way to refund me $500 and can they give me gas coupons? Unbelievable! My Dealer has come through and confirmed they will refund the cost. The money is trivial - I pursued this to see what GM means by "Our Customers are important to us" and now I know! By the way, over two months now and the on line Brochure still shows it as standard equipment!