Agreed - with over-inflated tires, you will notice wear in the center of the tire. I don't however think I am at over-inflation. I will keep everyone posted though when I change the oil and rotate the tires for the first time - should be a great enough number of miles to notice if there is uneven tire wear.


Agreed, higher pressure does result in a harsher ride. I prefer to think of it as stiffer and more dialed in. I think it is personal preference. With stiffer tires, I feel that the car handles better and exhibits less body roll. I also increased the pressure in hopes of improving fuel economy (but that is a different thread)


I wouldn't think a floaty feel would be an alignment problem. At least I can't see how that would be related, but I could be wrong. I would think that higher pressure would minimize the floaty feel. If the tires are stiffer, there won't be any vertical movement of the car based on the tire compressing. I would think that with stiffer tires, all vertical movement of the car will be related to suspension travel (as opposed to suspension and squishy tires).