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Thread: Confused about suspension choices

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    Re: Confused about suspension choices

    Yes, very good point on MRC. The firmness or smoothness of ride is determined by the combination of spring system+shocks and struts. In a rough road, adaptive shocks and struts (MRC) become soft, and the result is a smoother ride. But FE2 package comes with regular shocks and struts, which are fixed no matter how rough or smooth the road is. As a result, in a rough road FE3 and MRC suspension system give you a smoother ride, although the spring system in FE3 package is firmer than the spring package in FE2 package.

    I myself have observed and experienced a similar situation too. My Seville STS has active suspension system with FE3 spring package. The technology used in my car is called contentiously variable road sensing suspension (CVRSS), this is the technology Cadillac was using before introduction of MRC for adaptive suspension systems. i test drove a CTS coupe, which comes with FE3 package but regular struts and shocks. The difference was like day and night.... I hated the ride of the coupe, it was very rough. Yes, I know, CTS coupe is tuned to be much more sportier than my Seville, but the presence and performance of active suspension system in my Seville is very very evident on rough roads and it makes a big difference.

    If you really like a smooth ride, try MRC system. It will be a little bit costly, but it is worth every penny of it..

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    Re: Confused about suspension choices

    Excellent post Ben.gators.

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