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Thread: 2.0T Making a Late Entrance

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    2.0T Making a Late Entrance

    Any thoughts as to why the 2.0T has not hit dealer lots to date? I've read here that the engine is on "constraint" at the factory, but it seems to me like there's some strategy involved: use the 2.5 and 3.6 examples to create interest in what will undoubtedly become the most popular engine choice. For those looking at the 2.5, there's the promise of the more powerful 2.0T for a only a couple grand more, therefore the dealer grants a test drive of the 3.6 claiming it will have similar performance, and who knows, maybe the 2.5 buyer ends up purchasing a 3.6. Or maybe I'm just over thinking it and the 2.0T engine is truly on constraint from the factory. Still, if I'm GM, wouldn't I want to have 2.0T's on hand at launch especially since GM's marketing and press have made the 2.0T their focus? Another thought: Did GM have a fight on their hands with the EPA over the fuel economy rating thereby causing a delay? Remember that the EPA figures only became public just last week, and some consider the 21/31 mpg disappointing relative to its competitors. Thoughts?

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    Re: 2.0T Making a Late Entrance

    The 2.0T only started production 2 weeks ago (from what my dealer stated, and them being able to order that engine on an order).
    Everything I hear is that the 2.0T will be the mainstream engine, so I doubt it to be a conspiracy. I think the EPA ratings were delayed simply because the engine/car combo wasn't available as of yet for a "production" run.
    The 3.6 is a bit of a carry over, so I'd expect it to be ready at launch, and the 2.5 I have no comment on because it never interested me to research further on that engine choice.

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    Re: 2.0T Making a Late Entrance

    The engine is just starting production. That's why the Malibu Turbo is just now being introduced. Chevy and Cadillac wanted this engine months ago, but GM smartly decided to get it right vs rushing into production.


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