So, we were driving at night and the dash and lights went out, then they returned to normal. My wife said that the dash often quit but she did not realize the lights might also be out. The next time it happened, we were together in the car so I stopped she she got out, I turned on the lights and they did not come on. Then I stepped on the brakes and we had no brake lights. So after a few minutes everything started working again and we headed home. So, I have a guy, I called him and he said to bring it in, that is a common GM problem with the early electronic dashes, it should be an easy fix. I said for me to call me when it is ready, well he started testing things and could not isolate the problem. He was using it as his daily driver, he had it about a month, didn't charge me storage. He finally found the problem, it was a power supply, located under the dash, above the steering column, that needed to be replaced. He apologized about the time it took and the price of the repair, about $400.00. But it has worked flawlessly, the dash is brighter than it has ever been, so I think we got by rather inexpensively. And we are driving it worry free again.