I've had it. I'm done, she beat me. This was a good running, good driving car until two weeks ago when the breaks went out. Before that, this summer the air cond quit. Rear top motor works, but won't engauge. Engine is strong, and the transmission shifts very smoothly. She has a new top (cloth), new tan seats and center arm rest (vinyl), new tires, new plugs, wires, distributor cap, etc... Very good body (Red). I keep fixing this and that, then something else breaks. I've had it. The reason I'm selling it as a "parts car" is becuase without breaks, the car can't be driven. (It can be driven on to a car hauler or trailer). This will be a great fixer upper for someone, but I quit. Considering all the new parts, I think a price of $3500 is very reasonable. Call Skid at (919) 467-6888