I recently bought a pristine '93 Allante with only 36k miles, and haven't yet gotten into any real maintenance concerns. I'm sure, however, that a time will come (hopefully the very distant future) when I'll have to rely on whatever Allante expertise a Houston area Cadillac dealer happens to have.

So, to you metropolitan Houston Allante owners out there, can you recommend an area dealer (there are seven) or shop that possesses good, knowlegable skills regarding Allantes?

My particular interest would be non engine-related technical skills like computers, electronics, suspension, sensors, brakes, steering, etc., since my year Allante is equiped with the still-in-production Northstar engine that, hopefully, should present no chalanges to most any Caddy dealer.

Thanks for any help, Houston Guys. I'll be asking the local Allante Club this same question, but haven't joined up yet. I am a ACA member, but that's national.

Jack M.