I have decided I am going to take the old stuff out of the tower as far as the radio controls go along with CD and tape player. But as usual I have some questions.
1. How many electrical connections are there on the tower?
2. If I remove the radio ability can I still use the warning section. Or if I unplug is everything lost.
3. Where is the harness plugged in to the tower?
4. If I have to unplug everything is there a way to by pass the wanted circuits and isolate only the unwanted ones.

I have not removed the tower yet. Weather is bad. Just trying to get my thoughts aligned before I tear into it.
Anything I need to know before I start? I am going to remove only the radio and the controls. The rest I will leave alone .
I am going to run new wires to the speakers and such instead of trying to track everything down.
Any one have a wiring diagram of the tower circuits?
Am I crazy for doing this?