I have a í93 Allante and if I try to restart it after it has heated up to normal operating temperatures it runs rough; like it is running on less than 8 cylinders. It has a rough idle and does not accelerate smoothly. If the car is run for a while (maybe 5 to 10 minutes) the car ďhealsĒ itself and is back to normal. This never happens if the car is started cold and continually run. Itís not throwing any DICís that would seem to indicate the problem.

I also have some kind of intermittent electrical issue where the dash lights up and weird things happen, like the power seat adjusting by itself and the door chimer not stopping when the car is stopped. If I restart the car a few times these go away. The car has never been in a flood. It had an aftermarket radar detector built into the car and Iíve been unable to follow that wiring or even to find information on the detector. (Or maybe it is an NSA tracking device.) I figure that is a grounding issue but I donít know where to look for bad connection either. (any suggestions on this problem would be useful too.) Iíve had this problem for several years, the first problem didnít appear until a few months ago so my guess is it is unrelated.

It displays the following codes, as far as I know they are all related to my mysterious electrical problems and not the engine. They are P047, P058, P081, P095, P107, P137, B552, S011, S018, S021, S026 & S044.

Thought or suggestions are much appreciated.