So my dad has this nice 80k. '91 pearl white Allante that's just sitting due to some issues which seem to be related to the brake switch, at least that's where we're thinking. Anyway, I'm just gonna list off some things/variables and hope someone knows what's up, hoping we don't have to pay someone to fix it.

It sat covered, in a shed, open to our great Washington moisture for the last 4 or 5 years until it moved into his garage. The connections throughout the car seem to all have some slight corrosion. I've tried adjusting the brake switch's position to no avail. I checked/cleaned all fuses. A while back his brother hooked up a reader and didn't get any electrical codes.

First, it won't shift into overdrive, it has apparently, shifted upon hitting the brakes though.
Digital interface and dash buttons all light with the ignition on. When started, the the interface may flash once or twice, but immediately turn off, and stay off, soon after, the lit buttons turn off.
The left blinker won't turn on by pushing the down easily, you need to push quickly to get it to *click.* Even then, it might be slow to start blinking. Right is no problem.
With the car running, the blinkers may not work. The headlights and brake lights may also work intermittently(that was a fun one to find out driving home in the dark, thank you mag light).
Can't think of anything else atm.

Other than that, it starts, stops fine, and sounds bad ass.