I apparently have an early 93 Allante and I am having some transmission issues, at first its the TC chuggle, I know, I know tap the brakes and it kicks off, but now its starting to flutter a bit. I notice around 45mph the tach flutters roughly in intervals of about 200-250 RPMS, like the motor is surging its just noticeable but its getting annoying. It also seems like its hunting more and makes strange shifts.

I was looking at doing a fluid and filter change but I cant seem to find parts for the early 93. It is an at60e correct? Can I order from another model with the same type tranny? The usual suspects (O'Reillys/Napa) only list the at80. Am I missing something ?

Also is this cause possibly not the transmission but something in the ignition system?

Either way I want to change the fluid, filter and pan gasket but I want to make sure I am getting the right stuff. I will check my shop manual when i get home i was just hoping I could pick stuff up after work if anybody knew.

As always thank you!