Hey folks, New to the site, just bought a 90 Allante that needs some TLC but is drivable at this time.

Had a problem with the Airbag for whatever reason the car was not seeing the airbag in the steering wheel. Took the pad off, and removed the actual inflation unit from the pad by drilling out the rivits. Read the wires going into the inflation unit and got 2.2 ohms. Went to the Source (Radio Shack) and bought a 2.2 ohm resistor. Unplugged the wire under the dash from the column and installed it across the wires to the Air Bag sensor. The light now goes out and no more air bag to worry about.

Any idea where can I get Steering Column bearings or the size or reference number for 1990 Allante, Cadillac Dealer says unit is not serviceable and need to source a complete column.

Doesn`t seem right.