After some Trial & Error, I have found a replacement pump for the Headlight Washer Pump on my 87 Allante'. It is actually the Headlight Washer Pump for an Auidi A6 (mid 1990's model I think). It was around $40 at NAPA and it's Part #387 955 681 (VEMO - Part # V10-08-0208). I found them on Ebay for around $20. It is a very easy swap, takes about 5 minutes tops.

1. Locate & Remove the original headlight washer pump motor, it is on the inboard side of the windshield washer reservoir. It just pulls right out - pull straight up.

2. Remove the 2 wires off of the top of the pump (there should be a Yellow wire and a Black wire). Have a bolt handy to stick back in the hole in the Washer fluid resevoir to keep from loosing all of your washer fluid.

3. Loosen the clamp on the hose that feeds the headlight washers and remove the hose from the pump.

4. Put the hose on the new pump. The hose barb on the new pump is just a shad larger than the original, so you will have to push the hose onto it with a little force. I wasn't able to reclose the clamp because the larger barb, but it was tight enough that I didn't worry about the clamp.

5. On top of the pump you will see 2 prongs. Put the Black wire onto the Prong that is closest to the reservoir and put the Yellow Wire on the other prong.

6. Push the new pump motor into the resevoir and twist it counter clockwise just a small amount so the the barb/hose fit into the small recess in the resevoir that accomodates the hose.

7. Test and you should be finished.