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Unfortunately, convertibles in year-round climates are more often used as daily drivers and have higher mileage and neglect.
I've never thought about it in those exact terms, but you make an excellent point that is well worth considering.


wcoats: Chief your '93 is one of the finest out there but more importantly to me is "you get it". We are in the Allante hobby together, we are not enemies of the 93s vs the rest of the world. Greg I know you've owned multiple Corvettes as have I. We would get into many debates early model, mid year, bumper cars etc etc. But to a man all years were the epitome of hobby cars. Yeh, I own an '89 but I 'taint a second class citizen. we have got to start promoting all Allantes as fun vehicles to all who will listen.

The search is part of the fun. Be ready to get on an airplane!

Bill...that's precisely how I feel, we should promoting all Allantes. It's not about the year, it's suppose to be about the car itself and the incredible history that comes with each and every one of these fine automobiles!!!


Tony...I'll have my leather conditioner 'neat,' straight up and no rocks!!!