Hi guys,

I am new here and have a bit of an unusual question considering
the nature of an Allante and the usual content of this forum.

I live in Australia and plan to come to the USA (have been over many many times) for twice 3 months to travel again to a few places I want to visit again and after that we (my wife and myself) want to go to Europe for 2 x 3 months.

Our hearts are set on an Allante to do the travel and ship it to Europe and then to Australia. I have shipped a GMC Sierra 3500 CC Dually 2 years ago and have converted it to right hand drive. I do not need to convert the Allante since it is older than 15 years.

And yes .. I know they are "old" cars an may need repairs, parts , etc. etc.
I service my Sierra myself and also own a Tech II which is no good with the Allante though.

Now my question:

I assume that I can install a tow bar and tow with the Allante. I plan to tow a cargo trailer up to 3500 lbs. Is that a problem with the Allante ? I don't think it would be.

I plan to come over before the long trip for a research visit and maybe I find the car I want at that time.

Any help and tips are appreciated. An yes I know this is a stupid idea but there are good reasons for me to do it that way and we really do like the Allante