I am the proud owner of a 1978 Sedan DeVille. I paid 650 dollars for this vehicle of Titanic proportions. It had a few dime sized cancer spots on the on the drivers side rear quarter. The fillers are still there but cracked. It was a one owner 86k (actual miles). The motor runs but it has had 18 years of driving 5 years of sitting and 2 years of me trying to wear it out so I could have a reason to replace it. I tried everything to try to blow it up, run low on oil over, revving it. I cant ever break the trans. But It did develop a few problems It has a rattle in the cam bearings several valves tapping. So I figure after 2 years of loyal service i decided it was time for an Engine job but herein lies my dillema I have heard stories that the 425 comes with a weak crank, and I dont want to spend all this money on a motor I can't build at all. So I am basicaly looking for a motor with a similar bolt pattern so I can swap over as many parts as possible to a long block (i.e. intake, oil pan, brackets, pullies, etc.) Any one with any insight will be much appreciated.