Purchased 368 6L engine to rebuild. Few parts were missing including oil
oil dipstick tube. Cadillac does not stock this item .

1981 Service Manual 6.0 Liter Engine, page 6A-63 states:

Line up tube and tap in.
Install 3/8" tube bender on tube. (As it comes into the engine block)
Put a shallow rearward bend in the tube so that the tube misses No. 3 main bearing cap by 1/2". Tube should point to a spot just forward of center of oil pick up strainer.

I'm using a 3/8" steel fuel line which I have placed solder where it enters the block to stake the tube in the block.

Question: How to insure that tube after bending is again bent downward toward strainer to reference oil full mark on dipstick.