As far as the rear disk... There are two options.... You can put a 77-79 Fleetwood rear end in it... Many of those cars had rear disk brakes on them. You would have the good 12 bolt rear end, and it would be correct for the car. Down side is that the brakes are pretty bad. These are those 1st gen rear disk brakes, they are tempermental, your parking brake will probably never work, and the drums you have now actually stop better because those disks were always messed up. I am probably going to go this route myself as it is a cadillac thing, just have not got around to do it as I am going to use some new calipers. Problem with the real cadillac rear end is finding a posi and a 3:08 gear.... I already had the posi, so this is why I stuck with this rear end. The parts are tough to find as it is special to only this rear end in these cars and some mid sized station wagons.

If you want a quick and easy fix, this is the cheapest and best thing to do..., and I may go this route too one day.. Go to Ebay, search for "Impala Rear".... There is usually one or two for sale there. This is the 94-96 Impala SS/9C1 rear end. It will go right in the brougham. They already come with 3:08 gears and a posi... Its a done deal in one swap. You will need to either change the driveshaft, or the yoke out from your current rear end and keep your driveshaft. Get the parking brake cables with it, and you can hook it right up. Good thing with this rear end is it is the "corporate 8.5" Every GM 1/2 ton truck has the same gears/carrier, you can find more parts than you need. The down side to this is its actually a step down in strength to the 12 bolt ring gear the 77-81 cadillac rear ends were... Not much, and you will never hurt it, but it is a smaller rear end.

The DeElegance has the nicer seats in them with the buttons and more cushion.. It could be offered on the cloth or leather. It was a pretty expensive option on the car too. Thats about it.

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Caddy Freak, You going for the total sleeper look? I was thinking about that untill I saw the Boyd Coddington 'Smoothy' rims,Suuuweet Man. I may have to pop some 18x8.5s on the Fleetwood. I know I won't do the sleeper look on the engine itself, To much into that detailing thing. Any thought on a 'sound system'?

Ultra Slow, What if, Say I wanted to swap in a diff with disk brakes on it. Any idea under what caddy I might look under? And what is the differnce between a Fleetwood brougham and a De Elegence??