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Thread: Aftermarket Fuel Injection

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    Aftermarket Fuel Injection

    Hey boys,

    so heres whats up,

    we built a 69 firebird thats currently running low 12s, were hoping to get into the 11s but anyways... since the car was built for advertising for our business my dad and I think it woudl be totally cool to make my cadillac (1976 deville w/500) into the tow vehical, but we would also want to race it....

    our question is, what is avalible for aftermarket fuel injection, we would want a system that would allow us to tune the car for fuel economy on the highway when were towing the trailer but also provide us with perforance when we go to race it...

    is there a system that alows us to change the air fuel mixture, shift points, timing....

    also we would be interested in a transmission that could give us over drive for highway driving, any sugestions?????

    thanks guys, I dont know about you but I think a 1976 cadillac pulling a 1969 firebird would be pretty cool, expesually when we un-hook the cadillac from the trailer and then race it agani the firebird


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    Re: Aftermarket Fuel Injection

    Megasquirt and megajolt controllers contol FI and timing respectively. You'd have to get an FI intake - you can buy a Bulldog intake and drill holes for injector bungs, you can find a factory FI intake (rare,) or you can use a Ford 460 FI intake and adapter plates. Then you'd need to put together the rest of the system like injectors, custom made fuel rails (not hard to make yourself,) lines, FPR, pump, anything else you need...

    But unless you're looking to save the last few drops of fuel and get that last .0001 in the ET I'd just use a good contition or rebuilt Quadrajet.

    The Tranny is a TH400, not electronically controlled so no changing of the shift points electronically. The tranny has a governor unit that controls the shift points and I believe you can mess with the weights or something in there to change them. Or you can just use the column shifter and a tach.

    Cruising RPMs on the highway with a TH400 and 2.73 rear gear are around 2600 at 75mph. With a stock cam you'll want them to be somewhere between 2000-2800 or so, you probably don't need an overdrive. Especially if you're going to be towing you don't want the RPMs to get too much lower than that. So unless you're changing out the differential you probably shouldn't replace the trans. with an overdrive trans. If you do change, the 4L80-e is IMO the best way to go since it's the only trans that will hold up to the torque of these engines without mods.

    If you decide to go with a cam in the 500 and still plan on towing, I wouldn't go bigger than an MT10 from MTS (which is ~.525" lift 220* duration@.050 since there are plenty of other cam vendors.)

    First mods I suggest are modified stock intake manifold, headers and dual exhaust. Then maybe a 150 or 200 shot of nitrous and you could be in the high 13s or low 14s if you can catch traction.

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    Re: Aftermarket Fuel Injection

    I like the idea a whole lot. That car in stock form will do mid to low 16's.
    You really need a posi.
    Best way to go faster is to put the car on a diet.
    Remove stuff like padding under the carpet, back seat etc.
    Have fun!


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