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Thread: 425 missing on one cylinder

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    425 missing on one cylinder

    When I was driving back from a 30 mile trip, the engine oil pressure light came on if the rpm's dropped below 1500, then after shutting it off to get gas, when I restarted the car, the engine started shaking quite a bit. When I got the car home, I removed all the spark plugs and found that the #2 had lots of unburned gas and carbon on it. I tried using a new plug, but no dice. Now, in order to get the oil pressure light off, the engine needs to be at about 3000 rpm. Here's some advice I got: 1.Oil filter clogged may not be letting air out of the engine fast enough; too much backpressure; overheating 3. Head gasket blown around the #2 cylinder. I don't think the later is true though, because the engine isn't smoking at all, i'mm pretty sure its just gasoline in the chamber. I tried a different spark plug wire, but didn't work. The missing cyl. problem started suddenly, but the oil psi problem was a long process. Any imput at all will help, thanks!

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    Re: 425 missing on one cylinder

    The missing in the cyl and the oil pressure problem would seem to be 2 differant problems. Are you using the original oil pump? How long since you've had an oil change? Distributor cap look ok?

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    Re: 425 missing on one cylinder

    What happened was the bolt holding in the lifters broke, the lifters popped out, and a pushrod got kicked up under the valve covers. Luckily nothing fell into the oil pan and nothing got damaged. I fixed it fairly easily. Does anyone know what the bolts(rocker arm retainers) should be torqued to?


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