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Thread: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

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    steelybill is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
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    Mar 2009

    Re: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

    The oil pump is located on the outside of the engine, on the right ( passenger) side lower front corner of the block. The oil filter is mounted directly on the pump. Like mentioned above, be VERY careful not to ding the surface where the pump mounts to the block, where the gasket lays. And the gasket thickness is the other VERY important item. Measuring the gasket with a micrometer is one way to determine if it's a good one, like under '007 inch thick. Read the above posts before you remove the pump.

    Hope this will help some !!

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    Re: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

    Hi Will Deville.... If you can't get the distrubtor out of the motor this is how it can be done... The distrubtor is on a angle in front of the motor. The oil pump bolts to the outside of the block on the same plane as the distrubtor... If you take off the 5 blolts that hold the oil pump and take it off, you can hit up on the bottom of the distrubor to get it out...the oil filter is on the pump...

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    deVille33 is offline Cadillac Owners Connoisseur
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    Re: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

    The basic problem with these distributors is that they rarely need to be adjusted. Oil splashes upon the underside and gets baked to the lower shaft body. Some of this is also a result of owners using poor maintainence practices. End result, the shaft gets stuck in the bore. There is supposed to be a thin gasket between the bore end and the distrbutor base surface. If I don't have one, I use paper stock to replace it.
    You can use a brazing tip on a acetlyne torch, or a propane torch to get below the distributor body and heat the bore boss. This may loosen the dried oil enough to start things moving. Do not heat the aluminum body of the distributor. Try twisting the distributor. Back and forth, back and forth. A strap wrench may help with this, but keep the force at right angle to the plane of the distributor.
    One more trick you may try is to bump the engine. Just hit the starter a couple of quick shots without the clamp in place. The cam gear may force the distributor out of the bore. Do not hold it down as this may damage the gear.


    Quote Originally Posted by grassisgreener View Post
    New oil pump fail. Gasket was no good. Dumped about 1/4 quart before I noticed a giant puddle. Hard to find just the gasket. So I talked Auto Zone into getting another pump and giving me the gasket.

    I have one last question for the forum which I'll post tomorrow. I've been scowering my new shop manual but so far cannot find what I'm looking for.

    If any fellow 68 owners need a part of the shop manual scanned I'd be happy to help.

    *Also I am of course keeping the original pump. If need be it can be rebuilt and re-installed.

    Anyway, here is what's left of that &%$#@ disty..

    grassisgreener, I could use the broken distributor parts, if you could take the time to send them to me. I don't need the shaft, just the upper section. Will send you money order for upper housing section and shipping to 01201.

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    the APEMAN is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
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    Mar 2010

    Re: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

    Put my 1980 Fleetwood 2 door back on the road after dropping in a 500 I've had for years.

    I tried to use the entire 368 fuel and spark calibrations for now to maximize economy.

    So far it runs OK but the blasted distributor will not turn after loosening the jam nut. I had the entire engine apart in 1996. It only had about 1000 miles on it since freshening up the internals.


    Been here before and it was not pretty.

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    The Ape Man's Avatar
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    Re: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

    I win I win. It got pretty ugly though. Took the car for an hour ride and warmed it up.

    Had to rip off the power steering pump in order to get a 1" open end wrench on the disty shaft. Back and fourth about 25 times using leverage before it even moved one iota.

    After I get it moving I sprayed CRC silicone spray all over the shaft. I believe the cooling from the CRC made it work and not the liquid itself. Still took a long time before it would move. Landed up with a lineman's hammer and an old screwdriver placed into the disty cap tang cutout for one direction and the cutout where the vacuum advance was before I removed it. Still took 5 back and fourths with CRS spray to cool off the shaft.

    Took every bit of 1.5 hours to make this happen. Did this job once before by using a slide hammer. All that did was break stuff faster.

    I now have to recommend a warm block and cold distributor housing for this process. Not a sign of sludge of corrosion on the distributor shaft bosses where they were stuck inside the block's bores. Just some light galling from the gorilla work.

    Put in a low miles distributor, set the timing by ear, adjusted it three times on a road test and the car really runs well. Now I need the posi because I can get the car rolling 15 mph and flooring it breaks the RR tire loose every time : )

    Almost forgot how much fun it was having a 500 engine in a 4000 lb car. Last time I had one with an open rear axle was when my daughter was born. She's finishing grad school now......


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    Re: 1968 472 Disty completely frozen and now broken.

    Just to let others know, I've come up with many different techniques to try and remove these stuck distributors. See 2nd half of post #112, and forward through that thread. I also include a link in post# 134 to a metalurgist forum for some ideas. There are additional ideas in post# 139 of writing this and possibly forward through out that thread below.......

    Here's the thread:

    Just trying to direct others to more current info on this subject of "Stuck Distributors".

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